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LARGE and Discreet

I got this for my husband but was skeptical because I saw other similar items that were not big enough for "Husky" men ...well this Posture Corrector was perfect! My husband has a wide 48" chest, and we did-not need the extender straps that came with it. Out of the package, it fit perfectly and was thin and discreet looking, not all big and bulky. Happy to have this for him as he has a bad back and really needed something like this that fits well enough for him to wear daily.


High Comfort is Back!

Great comfort! (And I’m really picky!!) i had a wonderful ergonomic chair at work - I let someone borrow it and I could never get the settings back to comfortable so I just switched out to a standard conference room chair but with the addition of this pillow - I’m back to high comfort! Thank you!

Tod McCartney

Solved my back soreness

I got this for my husband, who sits in front of the computer all day for his IT job. As we have gotten older, he has been complaining about back problems. He told me that this is a godsend. It has significantly reduced his back pain. I was skeptical that it will help him and was genuinely pleased that it has helped his pain. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Tina Hemmingway

Not bulky

Not at all cumbersome, it helps me with my posture. I sit at a desk all day and tend to slouch. When i found this product i was so interested in trying it out and seeing if it helps. I notice a difference while i am at the gym to keep my posture as well because of muscle memory. As I said I wear it at work, but between a long sleeve cotton shirt and my polo uniform, and it is not visible.

Kellie Nickey

A Perfect Holiday Gift

My Lexus is an extremely comfortable vehicle but because I’m rather short, in stature, to perfectly adjust my seat was impossible. However, with the Premium Ergonomic AireSupport pillow, I’m experiencing the luxury that I paid for.  This pillow is so awesome that every adult family member, whether naughty or nice, will be receiving this amazing gift for Christmas or Kwanzaa!


If your a plus size gal look no further..

I have another brace, while fine it didn't feel secure and would come undone. This brace is wider and has three ways it attaches Velcro. It's very secure. I am a curvy woman size 18 and I wanted it to sit slightly on my hips, which it does perfectly!

It also came packaged nicely. Had a pack for heat or cold to slide in pocket.
It's very well made.
Thank you

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