Fast Relief, Anytime, Anywhere! Can you believe it?
With AireSupport’s Hot/Cold packs you can totally believe it. The pack provides hot and cold treatment to soothe discomfort from knee pain, shoulder pain or anywhere you are feeling sore. Whether a new strain or the pain that has been bothering you for years, this multi-use non-toxic pack will provide you instant results. Simply heat the pack in the microwave to warm and chill in freezer to use it cool and keep on the body part for relief.
Natural Pain Relief
Naturally soothes your pain by just keeping it hot or cold whichever is needed.
Multi-Use - Hot/Cold Pack
Add it in the freezer and use cold or heat in the microwave to use warm.
Helps Aches & Pain
Perfect for easing pain and healing joint and muscular aches.
Easy to Carry
Small compact size makes it easy to carry anytime, anywhere.
Directions for Use
Application: Cold
Freezer: Store in the freezer so that the pack is ready to use in case of injury. Approximately 1 hour is require to freeze the gel. Ideal to use for temporary relief of:
  • ​Back pain
  • ​Muscle aches & Pain
  • ​Swelling
  • ​Fever
Application: Hot
Microwave: Place gel pack into microwave for approximately 30 seconds (if the gel pack is at room temperature) or 1 minute (if the gel pack is frozen) on intermediate power. Check that the correct temperature has been reached. Time is based on 800w microwave. Adjust heating times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave.

Hot Water: Bring water to a boil. Remove water from heat and immerse the gel pack for approximately 4-10 minutes. After 4 minutes, check every 1 minute to see if the correct temperature has been reached. Ideal to use for temporary relief of:
  • ​Back pain
  • ​Muscle aches & Pain
  • ​Menstrual swelling
DOCTOR RECOMMENDED – Dr. Jason Hammond recommends to use AireSupport’s hot and cold packs for therapy for injuries such as back pain, muscle aches and pain, swelling, fever, menstrual cramps and more. Apply twice daily as a cold pack or hot pack and you'll be feeling better in no time!
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