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Frequently Asked Questions

Hip Brace

Can the Hip Brace fit a 3xl male?

The waist strap is 46.5 in. and the leg strap is 28.5 in. 

Lumbar Support Brace

What is the height of the support band as measured from the top to the bottom?

The AireSupport Lumbar Support Back Brace with reusable Hot/Cold Pack comes in three sizes allowing for comfort and flexibility: S/M, L/XL and XXL/XXXL. The height is 8 inches from top to bottom for all sizes to maximally support the adult lumbar area as designed by our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jason Hammond. If we may be of further help to you as you look forward to relieving back pain and stiffness, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Shoulder Brace

Can work or play sports with this brace?

Yes this brace can be worn with actives. In that case it may be more comfortable over top of an undershirt.

Will work for AC joint separation to prevent shoulder from gravitating downward?

Yes, this brace helps with AC joint pain by stabilizing the shoulder and holding it close to the body. This prevents excess movement which causes pain.

Posture Corrector

How tight should I have it while wearing it?

What ever feels comfortable. At first you will want to pull it as tight as you can, but you won’t least long in it. But, if you do a more modest pull on it. He will be able to wear it longer and the more time you spend in it. The faster you can start pulling the straps more and more.

Hot Cold Pack

Can the hot pack be boiled to heat?

Sure can! Bring water to a boil and then remove the water from the heat. Immerse the gel pack in the water for 4-10 minutes. After 4 minutes check every minute to see if the ideal temperature has been reached.

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