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Comfort for Life™

Quality matters - Every AireSupport product is crafted with your comfort in mind, and durable enough to last a lifetime. Guaranteed.

Extra Control Stability - Four adjustment flaps allow you to find your perfect fit.

Soft Velcro - Prevent unwanted snags on your clothes or furniture.

Hidden Pocket - Used for additional padding, hot/cold pack, wallet, keys, or phone.

wearing back brace while walking the dog

Quality matters. Every AireSupport product is crafted with your comfort in mind, and durable enough to Last a Lifetime. Guaranteed.

Four Adjustment Flaps Give You Extra Control and Stability for Finding Your Perfect Comfort Fit.

Soft Velcro to Prevent Unwanted Snags on your Clothes or Furniture.

Hidden Pocket for Additional Padding, Hot/Cold Pack or Wallet, Keys, or Phone.

Dr Jason Hammond

From the Doctor...

Back injuries are among the most debilitating orthopedic conditions you can have.  Fortunately, not all lower lumbar conditions are treated equally.

Muscle strains and spasms can be relieved with some stability, rest, ice and heat.

Poor posture while seated at a desk can also cause a lot of discomfort in the lower back.  Sometimes all we need is a little support and reminder to sit up tall.

More serious chronic conditions should be consulted by an orthopedic specialist.  Our lumbar braces are made to provide comfort for what ails you.  In some cases you may need a different type of brace to accommodate a more significant injury.

For Best Results

Proper Fit - Measurements should be taken around the belly button.  If you are between sizes you may prefer the smaller size.

Sitting - You will notice the brace will ride a little higher when you sit down.  We recommend putting it on loosely and then tighten until comfortable.

Standing- Pull the brace down so the bottom is just above your hips, and tighten to your level of comfort.

Cold Pack - Flexible but sturdy, the cold pack is best used with new injuries or following strenuous activity. When using any kind of cold therapy, be sure not to over due it to prevent thermal damage.  It is recommended to use for 20 minutes on, and 20 minutes off.

Hot Pack - Microwaveable, heat therapy works best on chronic pain from muscle and disc issues. When using any kind of heat therapy, be sure not to over due it to prevent thermal damage. It is recommended to use for 20 minutes on, and 20 minutes off.

Find your Size

Back brace sizing chart

How to wear

How to wear lumbar support back brace

Firm Flexible Stability - Provides comfort and support for relief from chronic lumbar pain, pulled muscles, back spasms, herniated disks, and poor posture.

Customized Fit - You are in control to optimize the feel and function based on your needs.

Bonus - Reusable Hot/Cold Pack for added comfort.

Target Your Pain and Improve Your Posture.

satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction GUARANTEE

Our products are specifically designed with your comfort in mind.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase we will refund the cost of your item(s) without having to return it.  

All we ask is that you send us an email to requesting a refund and tell us why your purchase did not meet your needs.


Can't find question? Email us

Will the back brace stay snug around my waist even with a large belly?

Yes, the brace should stay in place as long as you’ve secured it tightly.

Does this back brace secure well?

Yes.  There are three points of fixation for additional security, and control to find the fit that works best for you. 

Will the back brace support my back after an injury?

Yes, the gentle compression provides support to injured muscles and helps to protect against re-injury.

Will the back brace help lower back relieve pain?

Yes, the brace will soothe chronic pain from sciatica, degenerative disk disease, slipped or herniated disks, scoliosis, spasms or back injuries.

Can I wear the back brace while playing golf, tennis or softball?

Yes many people do wear while active.  However, depending on how vigorous the activity is you may find it does hinder your movement.  This is intentional, as we are trying to protect your back for excessing movement.

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